Tough Tech Team

Tough Tech has a rich history in connectivity, working within all major industrial and service sectors as well as global leading tyre expertise in both technology application and sales:

BARRY LOWE: Has over two decades of experience in connectivity forming a company (Comtech) that was acknowledged as a pioneer of M2M (machine-to-machine connectivity); appearing in M2M magazines worldwide top 100 M2M companies for the first few years. The company was acknowledged in the Deloitte Fast 50 and personally Barry was a finalist in the Ersnt Young Entrepreneur of the Year. The company has won several local business awards and pioneered one of the first M2M platforms in the market filing several patents. An adaption of the technology into digital signage won several contracts with Camelot and other lottery organisations before finally being sold to Lord Alan Sugar in 2010 (now Amscreen). The M2M technology arm was then sold to Brulines (now Vianet) as the principle provider of its beer dispense and vending technologies.

GARY BRIERLEY: Has over two decades of commercial experience in the tyre market, working for Michelin Tyres plc. He has extensive and current knowledge of the global tyre market including technical applications, market segment and tyre users. Gary was part of a small global team based in India that established a truck tyre business network for Michelin Tyre Company in emerging markets of the Subcontinent and the Far East. In India he was constantly in the field pioneering and championing the benefits of radial tyre technology to industry and commerce.
Gary also constructed, delivered and presented international business and technical courses on behalf of Michelin to staff and associated dealership networks, globally.

Over the decades Gary has worked with a global portfolio of customers which include, hauliers, government agencies, agriculture, ports, construction, defence, mining, original equipment & vehicle manufacturers, Intermodal, rail and front line emergency services, to safely deliver increased productivity and ensure significant returns on customers machinery and vehicle investments.

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