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9 months ago
Running fleet is costly. Drivers, fuel and tyres are 3 cost you can't avoid. Save 1% on fuel and make those tyres work for 10% more miles and the savings are significant. Don't burn fuel and tyres unnecessarily - get TPMS and start making savings for years to come. ltd_tough photo
11 months ago
Britain works on tyres, but are they safe? Great article by @Tyresafe which reinforces the need for correct tyre pressures and tread depth checking.
12 months ago
Installed #TPMS on Friday on a customer's vehicle. Today was able to identify a leaking valve which could have caused a puncture or a blow-out! Real-time data helping this customer save money on fuel and tyres! Happy days. ltd_tough photo
12 months ago
Wow - our intern has created this amazing image to represent our 24/7 realtime tyre pressure monitoring platform Atlas. GREAT JOB ltd_tough photo
12 months ago
Stop tyre related road-side breakdowns by adopting @ltd_tough Tyre Pressure Monitoring Solution Atlas. Know when tyres are under-pressure, over-heated and more. Solve a problem before there's an accident. ltd_tough photo
1 year ago
ToughTech's Commercial Director is packed and ready for the off this weekend for a 62 mile (100km) walk non-stop. Please help her reach her target
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