Port operations rely on a variety of mechanical handling machines and vehicles to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of containerised cargo. This intermodal work often takes place in a demanding and time critical environment.  Tough Tech has a complete Port TPMS solution to fit all machines and vehicles operating on pneumatic tyres.  Used by a range of leading global mechanical handling manufacturers, our tyre pressure sensors and components are able to cope with all the working challenges of heavy mechanical handling at ports and will cover the complete range of tyre sizes and pressures used.

Atlas, our real-time connected TPMS platform is the perfect solution for ports.  Atlas delivers tyre insight, alerts, data and reporting 24/7, allowing the port operation to function more efficiently and meet its KPI’s.

Atlas’ real-time alerts and alarms enable fleet managers / workshops to ensure that tyres are safely inflated to their recommended pressures and running at optimum efficiency.

Alerts are delivered for –

  • Low pressure
  • Extreme low pressure
  • High pressure
  • Cross-axle
  • High temperature

Tough Tech has a wealth of experience with all intermodal machinery and vehicle tyres. Our understanding of port and intermodal operations means we can help guide the operator through the safety, fuel, tyre and operational benefits of using our TPMS solutions.

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