Tyre Hire / Hourly Contract

If you’re in the tyre or vehicle service business our Atlas system enables you to monitor and report on hours and kilometres/miles use of your tyres.

Atlas Insight, our fully integrated tyre insight platform provides real-time data to fully manage remote tyre usage within a fleet or for an individual vehicle. Atlas sends alerts when tyre pressures or temperatures are out of specification to your designated person, i.e. contract or fleet manager. Our modems are connected via 2G, 3G or 4G delivering data in real-time. The inbuilt GPS positioning enables geofencing, location service and machine.

The 24/7 functionality of Atlas means real-time and historical reporting is available for all tyres in service, whether that be distance travelled or hours in use.

Atlas therefore allows you to manage your tyre contracts with accuracy and takes away the uncertainty and risk around a lease business model, enabling visibility of use, location and operator performance. The leading-edge insight that Atlas provide can support a change in your business model.