Industrial and Mechanical Handling

We have a range of TPMS solutions to fit any machine or vehicle operating in environments such as airports, intermodal, plant hire, ports and waste transfer stations and more besides.

Pulse, our TPMS solution, which is installed in-cab, enables the operator to have visibility of tyre pressure and temperature with audio and visual alerts.

Atlas Insight, our fully integrated tyre insight platform provides real-time data to fully manage remote tyre usage within a fleet or for an individual vehicle. Atlas allows you to receive alerts when tyre pressures and temperatures are out of specification to the designated person responsible for tyre management. Our modems are connected via 2G, 3G or 4G providing date in real-time. The inbuilt GPS position enables geofencing, location services and machine tracking.

Atlas also reports on miles/kilometres travelled and hours in use.

If you have a fleet management system in place, then using our LINK solution we can work with you to integrate TPMS data into your existing back office system.