Haulage & Fleet

We’re delighted to announce that we are the ONLY company offering a drop & hook TPMS solution. It doesn’t matter if you use fixed cabs and trailers, or multiple drop & hook outfits our TPMS solutions will work for you.

Fuel, tyres and staff are three of the largest operating costs incurred by haulage companies apart from the trucks being operated. You cannot influence the market cost of fuel and tyres, but you can influence their use on your fleet. For example, 10% under-inflation increases fuel bills by 1% and reduces overall tyre-life by 10-15%; multiplied across a fleet these savings can significantly reduce operating costs.

Although a driver completes their daily vehicle checks, tyres are possibly one of the last “unknowns”. Drivers predominantly rely on a visual check for tyre pressures and even in some cases a “kick” of the tyre. Our TPMS solutions take away the “unknown” giving certainty that a truck leaving the depot is running at its optimal tyre pressure.

Our in-cab Pulse solution will give a driver the visibility of tyre pressures and temperature and the Pulse unit will alert the driver (with visual and audio alarms) in the event tyres stop operating at the optimum level, when out on the road.

Atlas Insight, our cloud-based, tyre management platform, monitors tyres in real-time: allowing you to act long before a tyre related issue causes a problem. Atlas provides insight into a fleet of vehicles, giving customers real-time information on the condition of their tyres 24/7. It allows fleet managers to quickly identify and act on potential problems, whether that be low or high tyre pressure, rapid deflation and abnormal tyre temperatures under operation. Atlas will alert your nominated person as soon as there’s a problem no matter where the vehicle is. Atlas provides an audit trail on pressure for compliance purposes, and if a problem occurs whilst a vehicle is out on the road, like a binding break, Atlas will alert the fleet manager, allowing them to contact the driver to prevent tyre fires or blow-outs.

If you already have a fleet management system, then using our LINK solution we can integrate TPMS data into your existing system.