TPMS Products

Sensors: The heartbeat of PressurePro’s comprehensive and market leading TPMS offerings, PressurePro’s Sensors remain the gold standard in reliability, durability and accuracy. The most tested and proven Sensors on the market, PressurePro Sensors also remain the world’s longest lasting, sealed units, giving users superior performance no matter the road you travel or the terrain you traverse.

Sensor Description Part Number
Legacy For use on standard valve stems SEN-100
Legacy For use with large bore (Industrial) valve stems SEN-120
Dynamic For use on standard valve stems SEN-200
Dynamic For use with large bore (Industrial) valve stems SEN-220

Pulse: The first release in PressurePro’s TPMS+ Platform, the PULSE takes the capabilities of TPMS to new heights. Offering six fully customizable alerts, fully configurable vehicle layouts, customizable viewing modes, built-in data logging, power conversion, advanced protocol capabilities and more, PressurePro PULSE remains a revolution ahead.


  • Standard Mode: 1 to 80 wheel positions (16 per vehicle, 5 vehicle max)
  • Drop and Hook Mode: Communicates with up to 10 Link devices at once, up to 160 tires (Link HD required for Link UR communication)
  • 4.5”W x 3.0”H x 0.75”D, 4 ounces, 12-24 VDC
  • Communicates via CAN/J1939 or RS232. Requires data cables – sold separately
  • Programming device for Link products. Requires CAN cables – sold separately
  • Internal data logging. Export to microSD (not included) in XML format.
  • Fully customizable viewing modes and quick glance notices.
  • 6 customizable alerts including the market’s first cross axle alarm
  • Antenna and power cord required – sold separately

Link: A critical part of PressurePro’s TPMS+ Platform, the LINK products not only unlock PressurePro’s market leading, fully automated Ddrop and Hhook solutions for customers, but also collect and connect PressurePro’s market leading TPMS solutions direct to partnering solutions and proprietary displays.

LINK HD – (Part #GWRE32 / LNK-101)

  • Monitors up to 32 tires alone
  • Communicates with up to 9 Universal Repeaters simultaneously – (160 tires total)
  • Data communication over J2497, CAN/J1939 and RS232/FlexIO
  • All settings, alerts, reference pressures, configurable (contact us for full details)
  • User interface not included
  • Communicates with Universal Repeater over J2497/ABS/PLC network.
  • Power cord and cabled antenna kit required – sold separately

A full list of TPMS sensors, gateways, cables and antennas are available – please download the PRODUCT CATALOGUE here