Using the Link or Pulse hardware, our cloud-based Atlas tyre management platform, monitors tyres in real-time allowing you to act long before a tyre related issue causes a problem. Atlas provides insight into a fleet of vehicles, giving customers real-time information on the condition of their tyres even in the remotest of locations and the most demanding of environments.

Atlas allows you to quickly identify and act on potential problems, whether it be low or high tyre pressure, rapid deflation and abnormal tyre temperatures under operation. Atlas is designed to alert the most appropriate person in an organisation in a form which suits them, whether that be email, text message or directly onto a customer’s fleet management system.

With GPS tracking built into Tough Tech’s hardware, Atlas enables geofencing of vehicles, creating an alert when vehicles move out of or into areas, and acts as a location marker. Utilising this GPS function Atlas provides a full audit trail of vehicle movement enabling customers to monitor distance travelled and time in use.

Atlas is suitable for customers working with pneumatic tyres including, but not limited to, construction, haulage, Intermodal, earth-mover, ports, airports and agricultural sectors. Tyre manufacturers, and tyre service providers can reduce the element of risk when using Atlas to manage their mileage/hourly contracts.

The benefits of TPMS utilising the Atlas system are –

• Significant reduction in fuel consumption
• Extended overall tyre-life
• Improved safety under operation
• Improved security utilising 24/7 monitoring of machines & movements
• Reduced risk of road-side breakdown
• Reduced down-time
• Efficient use of people resource
• Tyre asset management for mileage/hourly contracts
• Assist in tyre management for your fleet

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Quick overview of Atlas showing key screen to help manage your tyres and fleet – Download

Atlas Installation Brochure – Download

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