Who Would Use TPMS?


Who would use TPMS?

  • OEM machine manufacturersOriginal Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs): in the majority of cases OEM’s have their own telemetry devices on-board and are looking to integrate TPMS into their existing connectivity channel.
  • Aftermarket connected TPMS – via the PressurePro stand-alone system
  • Partner solutions that address aspects of the market e.g. Fleet Management where additional TPMS analytics are required
  • Tyre Service Providers who can utilise the system to support their offer of a tyre service i.e. “pay-as-you-use” business model.
  • Haulage operators using a multi trailer, (per tractor unit) model, can now benefit from the ground breaking “drop and hook” TPMS function. Allowing one tractor unit to hook to multiple trailers.
  • All telematics providers looking to add TPMS to their data set.
  • Any operator of off road machinery or commercial vehicles.