Tough Tech Ltd was formed in 2017 as an MBO from Concirrus Ltd (

Due to the global demand to adapt current TPMS technology to the connected needs of todays fleet operator,. Tough Tech was set up to concentrate on TPMS and other connected solutions for the off-road and commercial vehicle market.

As technology advances, so must this market and connecting TPMS with central fleet database systems is the next step. The technology for this type of connectivity has been around for a couple of decades now but it is only in the last few years that commercially adopted systems are gaining traction. With a clear understanding the complex world of connectivity in the context of our market, Tough Tech is an ideal partner for our customers on the connectivity journey.

A master distribution agreement with Advantage Pressure Pro ( in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) together with our own product innovations in the connected world means that Tough Tech can offer solutions for TPMS for any potential scenario.

We have an extensive range of Sensors, Gateways, In-cab screens, cables, antennas, and other accessories to ensure a one-stop-shop for TPMS.


TPMS systems saves cost due to under inflated tyres. (Aa 10% reduction in tyre pressure can increase fuel costs by 1%. ), Pproactive maintenance or (attending to tyres in this manner eliminates the cost of expensive replacement in the field ) and promotes safety (under-inflated tyres can cause unstable operation). For context, tyres fitted to off-road vehicles can cost upwards of £50,000 per tyre and replacement of tyres on a commercial vehicle which has broken down on the motorway can cost several thousand pounds. “Highways England (2015), estimates that as many as 3,600 accidents and 20 per cent of all breakdowns are directly related to flat tyres or low tyre pressure. Because of a HGV’s size, they have the potential to cause even more serious incidents if the driver loses control of the vehicle.”

Checking tyre pressure is a daily, (but misused) operation with no audit trail. A TPMS system would still only provide monitoring at a local level. Where we add a point of difference is adding connectivity to TPMS.