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During Quarter 3 2022 Tough Tech will launch ATLAS Griffin & ATLAS Pegasus; products that will be offer insight into the journey health of any vehicle or machine – in real-time.

ATLAS Hardware

ATLAS Hardware

ATLAS2 is a unique and powerful TPMS telematics gateway that combines data collections from a multitude of sensor inputs within a vehicle. The core of the solution is based around tyre pressure monitoring (TPMS) and the ability for the telematics device to measure TPMS from a powered and unpowered source e.g. trailer.

ATLAS Griffin: OTR

ATLAS Pegasus: Commercial Vehicles

ATLAS Software

ATLAS Software

ATLAS Insight is a Fleet Management application for TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring), tracking and security. Aimed at OTR (off-the-road) and commercial vehicles, it provides early warning of alerts enabling swift analysis of the problem and leads to immediate resolution.

Monitor the health of a vehicle during its journey and see at a glance whether there are any problems along the way and where the problem occurred.

ATLAS Mobile

ATLAS Mobile App

TPMS Mobile App is available from the APP Store (IoS & Google) and eases installation of TPMS sensors, live view, alerts and warnings and diagnosis of any problem.

Installation of sensors can be automatically configured by screwing sensors onto the tyre valve in turn or can be manually entered via serial number. Installation can be done in minutes.

ATLAS is easy to fit and user-friendly for OEM and after market sales.

Much More Than TPMS!

TPMS is at the heart of the ATLAS solution but the system is very flexible to monitor much more. Coming soon…………

Total tyre independence

Total Tyre Independence

Any tyre, any machine, any vehicle, any brand, any market – a TPMS solution that does not tie you down or limit you. If you have a pneumatic tyre we have a solution, whether in a harsh environment like OTR or for a Commercial Vehicle fleet.

Solutions for Demanding Environments

Smart Trailer Technology

Smart Trailer Technology

The Future of Trailers

What is a smart trailer? A smart trailer is simply a regular trailer with advanced digital capabilities – refrigerated, dry, or flatbed – that has been equipped with integrated IoT technology that provides details into the health and status of the trailer and its cargo.

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Gary has extensive knowledge of the application of TPMS in any industry.

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